In Khakassia blossom trees. Video


* 8/15/11 * Surprised gardeners trying to understand — what is this phenomenon? Katerina Erushina appealed to biologists and found — not only because of late color, but also the related omen.

Vitaly Lavrinovic — amateur gardeners. On the site grow almost everything from the usual apple — to cedar. This summer has surprised taiga rowan. Seven years it did not flower in the spring on one of the branches appear delicate petals. Two days ago — the tree bloomed again, a few of the kidneys — in the pipeline.


"Of course the month of August, mid-August and has blossomed such. Well, let it blossom in July — is another matter, and in August already — then we will wait for the fruits'

Biologists this is not surprised. In the arboretum of the Institute of Agrarian Problems — this season, double flowered cherry, hawthorn, but also almost all the grass. In fact, the trees and plants mixed incoming autumn and spring — the matter is that the unstable weather, when it was replaced by the cold warming.


"The kidneys, which are not implemented or were in the spring frost or some other climate they are implemented in the autumn through repetition of similar climatic conditions, as is happening now. Rains appeared more or less normal temperature hot or dry. "

Could not resist even subtropical Far kalopaneks. Now with its flowers in full bees collect pollen and bees.

On national signs, if the plant begins to bloom in the fall. That autumn promises to be warm and long. True, the trees and bushes, which at this late period in color, not form fruit.

Source: South Siberia

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