In Khanty-Mansiysk blossom rowan. Video


18.08.11. In the city the second time this year, has blossomed rowan. White flowers appear next to the nearly ripe fruit. The residents recognized — the phenomenon of nature, they have never seen before.

Still do not know what drives the second growing flowering. Likely impact on the flora of the weather conditions. A re-flowering trees for no good does not turn around. So rowan efforts around is useless flowering, while they greatly need fruit. And, besides, there is a sign — rowan flowered in August — expect a prolonged fall, broadcasting company "Ugra"

Hope Korneev, a biologist: "For the ash is not very well, to say that this is exclusively a unique phenomenon — no. In principle, such a phenomenon increasing the duration of the summer affects not only plants but also animals. For example, once the sparrows can propagate over the summer, but it could be two, three litters to give exactly the same phenomenon is responsible for the complex nature of the external conditions of their changes. "

Inna Domnina

Source: Earth — The Chronicles of Life

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