In Krasnodar bloomed dandelions


23.12.10.Zhiteli Krasnodar surprised local natural anomalies, if a few days ago there was a subzero temperature, now warmed up so much that bloomed dandelions.
On Wednesday, meteorologists recorded a very high temperature for the season — plus 19 degrees, said «NewsInfo». Because of this kind of weather in Krasnodar suddenly bloomed dandelions. Old-timers say that nothing like this in their memory was not.

The situation is so unusual, writes, the press service of the Krasnodar Regional Hydrometeorological became very lyrical in its comments, the mass of primroses are called "children of the sun many who came down to earth." But forecasters warned that in the next few days the temperature will correct — up to 12-15 degrees Celsius. New Year's Eve is expected to plus five.

Exactly the opposite pattern is observed in the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude. Today, due to the 35-degree cold canceled classes for students in first through fifth grades. This decision was taken for the first time this winter. According to forecasts meteorologist Republic, from 23 to 25 December are expected frosts down to minus 45 degrees in Ulan-Ude — minus 35-40, reports "Radio Russia".


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