In Krasnoyarsk fails asphalt

Karst holes

Photo by Maxim Melnikov

22.06.11.Na st. Belinsky in Krasnoyarsk, capitally repaired last year, this morning failed asfalt.Prosedanie asphalt coating was on the extreme right-hand lane when driving in the streets of the city center, in the store, "Navigator".

Recall, for street reconstruction in the past year building inspection office and residential control Krasnoyarsk Territory at this place fixed the failure of the asphalt and the company "Krasavtodorstroy" engaged in reconstruction, removed the defect.

After the opening of the street director "Krasavtodorstroy" Andrey Dyakov said that "the warranty on the pavement — 10 years."

At present the reasons sagging asphalt installed. It is supposed to eliminate, according to the Department of gorhozyaystva Krasnoyarsk administration, the evening of 23 June.

Source:  NGS.NOVOSTI Krasnoyarsk

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