In Kyrgyzstan, the bees are disappearing without a trace



19.07.11.Paradoksalno but true, from the autumn in Kyrgyzstan began to disappear without a trace … bees. But it seems that no one cares about this, but these things actually threatens the entire national economy of the country!


One of the most hard-working insects suddenly overnight fled their homes, many hives artel. In danger medosborschikov craft, which is already moribund, while still continuing to feed hundreds of beekeepers and their families, and us, the consumers, provides useful and scented products.
Recall that at the Union in the Kirghiz SSR produced from 8 to 11 thousand tons of honey, which is more than 300 million full-length Soviet rubles! Alas, now a year is going to only about a thousand tons. Then only in the public sector, there were 105,000 and 300,000 in the private colonies, but today only about 83 thousand.
Neluchshie industry is experiencing, despite the existing law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On the beekeeping" of 26 May 2009, and other documents. When the ex-Minister of Agriculture Iskenderbek Aidaraliev initiated the bill, it was assumed that, according to the experts, our beekeepers annually can produce up to 10,000 tons of honey, about 100 tons of wax, more than 600 tons of pollen, propolis 1 ton up to 150 kilograms of milk, plus 30-40 kg of bee venom, which in monetary terms is about 600-800 million soms.

So what happens to the bees?

Let's start with the fact that these medosborschiki over the last few years are dying en masse throughout the world, without leaving even a corpse! Anxiety strikes in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Germany and other countries.
UK. 40,000 local beekeepers require the authorities to increase the allocation to fight the terrible scourge. Over the past year bee population has decreased by almost a third. In the next ten years, Albion may even lose the honeybee populations of insects, if not take emergency measures.
Russia. Rampant destruction of bees was first documented in the autumn of 2007. Externally, it is almost not apparent. But beekeeper suddenly one day finds a nearly empty hive, and the insects themselves are disappearing without a trace. In Russia, unlike in the West, a common system for monitoring the health of bees do not. But Rosselkhoznadzor, and regional veterinary authorities confirmed the sad statistics — in quantities bees had died. However, laboratory studies have not conducted.
USA. Experts have dubbed the new attack of hives collapse syndrome (Colony Collapse Disorder — CCD), informally — "bee flu." Reported an annual loss of 30 to 90 percent (!) Swarms in different states.
China. In some provinces, the bees is no more! Farmers are forced to hire pollinators performing the work for the money, which is used for them naturally and free nature does. Guilty is in trouble believe bees imported from Australia as a source of the virus is not yet known.
Kyrgyzstan. Etnoekolog Robin Currie recently, in 2009, after a six-year study of the flora on the Issyk-Kul has stated in the media that our local bees, which are, by the way, one of the themes of her doctoral dissertation, well developed in the Tien Shan. Together with the laboratory of the Institute of Biology and Entomology, Mountain Forestry of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dmitry Milko she even found here new species of these insects! According to Robin, "one of the reasons why the bees here have survived, that the Union did not use chemical fertilizers, priority was given to natural products. After the collapse of the USSR and the chemicals have nowhere had nothing to buy. This is the rare case where a weak economy is good for people and plants. " Now, however, the global problem of the disappearance of bees, alas, has also affected the country's Ala-Too …



In the grave because of mobile phones?

What is the cause of the disaster? And her, imagine, just no one knows! Although the assumption is no shortage. Among the possible explanations is called and some new species of mites, parasites, and the machinations uleynyh beetles, bees sucking hemolymph and imported wasps to attack beehives, and the impact of pathogens, and more.
For example, American biologists, the biggest — is the beekeepers themselves. Honey, optimal nutrition of bees in many apiaries farmers completely removed and replaced with corn syrup, devoid of vitamins, fats, and proteins necessary creepy insect. Complicating matters, the syrup is usually made from genetically modified corn, whose impact on organisms not really known.
This young bees behave, both old and die quickly. Scientists attribute this to the removal of the hives to pollinate the fields of the same plant. Monotonous food and stress caused by transport, weaken the immune system of bees, and so any infection becomes lethal. Many beekeepers are fighting with viruses, fungi and parasites with insecticides and fungicides, all the while increasing the dose, and this also affects the well-being of bees.
But scientists at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) came to the conclusion that the cause of mass death of bees can be radio signals from mobile phones and two-way devices that violate the system of coordination bee, she can not find her way back to the hive and die. As German experts at confirmed disorientation insects near power lines.
For its part, the Institute of Apiculture them. Prokopovich Ukrainian Academy of Sciences believe in bee sea obey agronomists using the processing of rapeseed fields import herbicide containing imidacloprid, which is banned in France in 2003. Them, they say, the grass along with pests striped workers during pollination. In Kiev, said that the situation could worsen as rapeseed in Ukraine began to grow more and more chemicals have been used, respectively.
Now entomologists are trying to bring a new kind of bees brought from Africa known as killer bees, hoping that it will be immune to the "flu-bee." Otherwise, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more will soon disappear from our diet, and humanity will go to a grain diet. Bees, by the way, are found on every continent except Antarctica, and are the most common pollinators, so the presence or absence of the crop is often due to a lack of bees in the area.

Pharmacist with nail

And the Greek myths, and treatises of Aristotle, and the writings of the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder, and the renowned healer Avicenna, and many, many other amazing abilities reveal a tiny flutter healer.
We are struck by the fact that it is able to produce a bee — sweet honey (nectar processing product or honeydew), propolis (a mixture of gum collected from plant buds and rich secret bees), obnozhka (pollen, rich in vitamins, hormones, enzymes), ambrosia (canned honey pollen enzyme composition, protein-carbohydrate food for bees), royal jelly (food for larvae and queens), wax (product, bees wax glands secreted workers, a mix of more than 300 different compounds and minerals), Wax (building material for cells), zabrus (upper lid, cut from the honey comb, a storehouse of biologically active substances), bee Podmore (chitosan), etc.
Gifts of bees used in medicine since ancient times. Where in the pure form, where the components. Together this is called apitherapy (from Latin apis — «bee"). For example, honey and herbs or electrophoresis system is effective in infected wounds, getting rid of cough, bronchitis, asthma, viral respiratory infections, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract … tinctures, ointments, inhalers, or sprays of powdered propolis treat rhinitis, sciatica, toothache, rhinitis, tuberculosis, burns, trophic ulcers of the lower extremities, furunculosis and carbuncles, hemorrhoids, bed sores, are a number of ailments. Pollen is used for anemia, diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, gastric ulcers, colitis, enteritis, increases hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood, increases the body's resistance against infections, the best male potency and biostimulant protivoskleroticheskim powerful tool. Excellent supplement in the diet of children from infancy. Plus excellent cosmetic for facial rejuvenation.


Flying ampin

Bee can be represented as tiddly disposable syringe, but filled with a unique medicine — poison called apiksin. Especially here it is useful, for acting on the cause of chronic disease, not the symptoms, positive physiological processes and thereby manages to overcome illness.
When there are several possible methods of apitherapy: bee stings in the therapy area, subcutaneous administration of poison by electricity, injections, ointments rubbing the skin, inhalation.
When you get a sting curative dose, which includes about 50 substances, including phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, acid (hydrochloric acid, formic acid, phosphoric), fats and sterols, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates (glucose, fructose), and as acetylcholine and histamine. However, the main burden rests with the peptides, koi reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, etc. Adolapin also relieve more efficiently than opium and aspirin together, imagine!
What about? This poison is not only extremely important, it is also very costly. In fact, after a bee sting causes stroke and spends his microscopic margin potion, it immediately dies. Therefore, the collection apiksina associated with high costs. But they can be paid off and by exporting poison abroad even to revive the economy of Kyrgyzstan if the matter is approached with care. Now only 1 gram is from apiksina thousand soms and higher, much higher! True, the first need to find the answer to the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder …
So apiksin is a colorless toxic liquid, but it goes on sale dried in the form of acute smelling grayish-yellow powder. The main receiver of the poison are several biofarmobedineny in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Suppliers — the farm from all over the Commonwealth. Often raw forwarded bypassing pharmaceutical plants, just to foreign countries.
In our country the implementation of the poison completely legalized and it is not prohibited to be exported across the border. Another thing is that the large-scale sale of this particular product can be engaged in only by people who have established links with partners.


Money does not smell

The first boom around the bee venom began in Kyrgyzstan in 1992-1994. Then, in the pursuit of profit, thousands of beekeepers rushed "milk" the insects. Newspaper ad to sell blossomed apiksina in our mountain region stretched buyers from CIS, Germany, Britain, Israel, the Netherlands, India, and even Japan. Savvy local guys here bought for a song and poison pounds taken out of the hill. There Kyrgyz poison quality primary treatment, clean protein, hemolytic activity and other parameters evaluated very highly.
These traders control the collection, documentation (for each lot apiksina required to obtain a special certificate of quality), negotiations, transportation, security, marketing. Money at this crazy spinning, so woe to those who try to sell counterfeit or outdated poison falsify documents on it or shove dollar "doll." In 1999, in Karakol great response the killing of one of the local merchants, whose body was found on the outskirts of the town of Issyk-Kul. Consequence inclined to believe that the cause of dealing with them is served "poison" the money …
In the current period, when the lean state treasury could be renewed interest in the case. Let us remember that at one time, one of the former leaders of Kyrgyzstan — German Kuznetsov — ordered a processing and production medsredstv by bee venom. To the construction of special equipment for this purpose were brought production capacity and technical capacity of chemical-pharmaceutical plant, Fizpribor, computers and factory "KPI". However, due to lack of banal primary capital then we lost millions of dollars by the state uplyvshih pocket. But after the departure of Herman Serapionovich to Russia the idea of industrial processing apiksina in Kyrgyzstan was bury once and for all .. I'm sorry, is buried.
Surely we do not need this additional source of budget income from exports or establish here pharma? Private owners, then continue to produce apiksin, orders for collecting venom via the Internet make and sell it. So answer yourself — you need!

Text: IBRAEV rope. SC


Source:  VREMYA.KG

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