In lakes shoaled Dagestan killed fish. Video


6.07.11.V Dagestan shallow lakes that feed Kaspiyckoe sea. While investigators are trying to find out why it happened, killing dozens of ryb.Reportazh NTV correspondent Omar Magomedov.

Stepan Korolev, a resident of the village of New Biryuzak "Before, traveled here from Kizlyar only by boat, everything was in the water."

The fact that the settlement New Biryuzak Kizlyar district of Dagestan, was once considered a fishing resemble a wooden boat, standing in gardens of local residents. Former collective farm millionaire recalls fish provides not only the republic and neighboring regions.

Stepan Korolev: "From September until the frost we were fish. Yes, there was a time when the farm to fish! "

In reservoirs Arakumskoy lowland spawn almost all the fish of the Caspian Sea. When in this region came breeders, shallow lake sharply, and the fish was dying. Residents of the village, hereditary fishermen blame the managers of farms. According to them, the local water supply feeds the lake, someone intentionally throws trash on the ground to dry water could hay and raise cattle.

Haji manats, a leading water engineer Biryuzakskogo hatchery: "Consciously cover water that it has been received in the hay. A fish out of water dies. How hot now! The water level in the lakes of meter and a half, the fish is dying. "

To comment farmers refuse, but the allegations against him are called fancy fishermen. Gateways channels clogged debris during floods. However, as there were bales of hay, bags of sand and old farm machinery, is a mystery of nature.

Despite all the arguments of livestock, environmental prosecutor's office has opened a criminal case and the multi-million dollar lawsuits filed violators.

Ali Nurmagomedov prosecutor Makhachkalinskaya Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office: "The damage is counted, it is about 65 million rubles. The investigation is being completed. "

While the courts are hearing, scientists are sounding the alarm. The inhabitants do not come to the shore of the Caspian Sea to the spawning and dying shoaled channels and lakes. Endangered sturgeon were not only, but also dozens of valuable and ordinary fish species.

Rasul Abdurakhmanov, the chief engineer of FGU "Zapkasprybvod": "The disaster is waiting for us! Resource base not, there's nothing to add to the Caspian Sea will be nothing. "

Scientists project that the number of valuable fish species in the Caspian Sea is reduced, the situation is getting worse every year.

Once upon a five-meter monsters weighing about a ton caught commercially. Its size stuffed beluga still surprises even experienced ichthyologists. In the natural environment, many inhabitants of the Caspian Sea has already disappeared, they can be seen only in museums and yellowed photographs.

Source: NTV

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