In Lithuania recorded tremors in Ignalina


Ignalina NPP.

31.03.11.O measurements of seismic activity in the area of the Lithuanian nuclear power plant in an interview said Deputy Director of the Geology of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania Jonas Satkunas.

— In Lithuania there are four seismic stations, which are located within a radius of 30 kilometers around the Ignalina NPP, — he said. — Seismic monitoring stations owned system, which often registers seismic event greater than 5 on the Richter scale. They have registered the seismic waves from distant Japan: the first strike and the subsequent strong aftershocks — clearly enough, and the weak are seen well due to high noise levels at seismic stations.

Recall the distance from Kaliningrad to the Ignalina NPP is 373 kilometers.

KP.RU — Kaliningrad

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