In Lower Saxony found high concentrations of radioactive cesium

In the atomic repository in Lower Saxony, the level of radioactive cesium fixed at, which is 24 times higher than permissible. German Office for Radiation Protection has taken all the necessary security measures.
In the former Asse salt mine in Lower Saxony, which is used for temporary storage of highly radioactive waste, at a depth of 750 meters recorded elevated levels of cesium, said on Thursday, April 14, the agency dpa. Germany's Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), it was found that one of the old wells, the activity concentration of 240 000 becquerels per liter. This is 24 times greater than the acceptable level, the representative said Thursday BfS Nording Werner (Werner Nording).

"This is the highest recorded levels of cesium-137 in 1978, when the samples were taken of the solution after the completion of the disposal of high level radioactive waste in the former salt mine Asse" — quoted Nordinga agency DAPD. The reasons for such a high concentration of the substance is not clear. In addition, increased levels of concentration of the radioactive isotope cobalt-60. However, the concentration of the substance, according to a BfS, not so great.

On the "alkaline swamp" knew for a long time

In 2008, the Center for Research on Health and Environment in Munich Helmholtz (Helmholtz Zentrum) also recorded in the same well a high concentration of radioactive substances — at close to 90,000 becquerels per liter, said Werner Nording. Thus, the concentration of nuclear waste in the same place in just three years has increased by more than 2 times. "Employees of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has taken all the necessary security measures," — said Nording.

This high concentration of radioactive substances is fixed at a depth of 750 meters, near the so-called alkaline marsh. The fact that this "quagmire" consists of radiation-contaminated saline solution, has been known since 1994. According to the BfS, in the case of the aforementioned liquid is not about water seeping into the mine without. Apparently, the infection takes place directly in the chamber containing the radioactive waste

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