In March, the U.S. will suffer from the strongest earthquake in history

The specialists of "Institute of Physics of the Earth," prepared for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's report, which warned of the threat of a catastrophic on the force and impact of the earthquake in America in the next 2 weeks, the main elements of the gift will be in Central and South America, the greater threat is the fault , which is located in the mountains of three states: Illinois, Arkansas and Missouri — New Madrid. Over 200 years ago in America magnitude earthquake 10.5 points wiped out the city of New Madrid, with aftershocks recorded at a distance of 4000 kilometers from the epicenter.

Russian scientists also argue that there are strong earthquake in Asia, their strength can exceed 4 times today's earthquake in Japan (the text is written on the 9th of March, when an earthquake 7.2). Russian experts, who along with the British meteorologists believe the best in the world at the end of February this year launched a satellite into space, helping them track conditions favorable for the formation of natural disasters across the globe. According to them, the tense situation on the U.S. West Coast.

Russian scientists report confirms what the New Zealand mathematician and meteorologist Ken Ring, who warns of the impact of disaster on the South Island of New Zealand in the 20 days of March. Ring, by the way, successfully predicted the February earthquake in Christchurch, with a magnitude of 7.1, killing 159 people.

The literal translation of Ken Ring's statements about his methodology: "Planet profound effect on the Earth, not directly, but by acting on the Sun. Some planets are very large. If the sun is like a basketball, the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn — with grapefruit and the Earth — with a small seed. Like the Moon on the Earth, and these giants affect the "ebb and flow" in the Sun. At the moment, Jupiter and Saturn are on opposite sides of the Sun, and the planet became the center of this "line". In this position, the planet appeared in September 2010 and it will last until May 2011. It was in September, the earth was exactly in the middle of a notional "line." In March 2011, the Earth revolving around the sun returns to direct "line". That is why at this time there were several earthquakes around 7 points. Say, February 22 earthquake in Christchurch, not only, but also in Pakistan. The moon is 20 days of March will come close to Earth, and can act as a kind of trigger. "

Over the last 6 months in the New Madrid was recorded more than 800 aftershocks, the Midwest United States for the second month rolls in 60-inch snowdrifts. In the area of risk is also Bolivia, where the raging winds last week killed 52 people. The worst damage is expected in California, which, by the way, recently abruptly killed millions of fish, which is remarkable — a flood in New Zealand shore islands stranded dozens of whales.

Even more alarming situation makes four reports of giant solar flares, the last of which reaches Earth March 9-10. Interestingly, the U.S. government announced the organizing exercises, to be attended by U.S., Canadian military, the CIA, the Red Cross — will be held March 21-25 exercises at Fort Livenvorf (Kansas). If so what happens, they will definitely be ready.

Translator's note — the text written religious-mystical organization "Sorcha Faal» (Sorcha Faal), which earlier said the attack foreign GRU special forces base in Tambov, that Hitler fled to the U.S. with a secret nuclear bomb, and that the in New York foiled an attempt on Barack Obama. Too lazy to look for — All other google the name of the organization. In Russian is very little, but something can be found.


The imminent event (March 20)


Not to be alarmist, but the site is lined warning well very big boom in the U.S. and around the area.

And the blame for our Institute of Physics of the Earth. According to their calculations, this will happen on March 20.
Explanations are
1.Jupiter and Saturn are located on either side of the Sun otn.Zemli and how would it break your magnets.
This is like a tug of war with Earth in the center.
2. Moon at this time March 19-20, the closest approaches to Earth. She can act as a trigger or trigger.


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