In memory of Vladimir Vysotsky


  • The roots of Vladimir Vysotsky in Ukraine (Fig. 1)
  • The roots of Vladimir Vysotsky in Ukraine (Fig. 1)

Roots in Ukraine Vladimir Vysotsky

25.01.2013 city would have turned 75 years old Vladimir Vysotsky — great actor, poet, bard, on the works which you can learn the practical morality, to judge the personal and social morality. Information richness and artistic accuracy of Vysotsky's songs are striking. It was rumored that Vysotsky was at war, was an aviator, sailor, miner, mountain climber, athlete, and — of course — "a prisoner." According to Vysotsky's songs can be studied not only a social portrait of the internal life of the country, but also the history of its foreign policy, the lyrics are so close to the documents of the time. The songs and memories Volodya main role is Moscow, where he was born and which is infinitely loved, but Kiev, Ukraine occupies a special place in his life. Vysotsky visited Kiev, Donetsk and region. Sumy and region. Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, Yalta and other cities of Ukraine. The poet's father Semyon was born in 1915 in Kiev, where he moved in 1914 from Brest-Litovsk grandfather Volodya — Vladimir Semenovich, too. In Kiev, he became acquainted with her grandmother Vysotsky Alekseevnoj Daria, who has lived in the Ukrainian capital until the end of his life. She was buried in 1970 at Baikove cemetery. Semyon Vysotsky was in the 67th Kyiv school, and in 1931 he entered the Polytechnic of communication, and in 1932 he moved to Moscow. Later, he ceases to military personnel, will be held throughout the war, from Moscow to Berlin, Prague releases. From 1949 to 1953. Semyon Vysotsky again serves as the headquarters in Kiev CWE. During these years, her father and her grandmother comes to visit and the future poet.

Vladimir Vysotsky was often in Kiev and in the years 1958-1960 in Kiev Theatre of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka received the direction of his first wife Iza Vysotsky. Vysotsky's first visit to Kiev as an actor in May 1968, has been associated with work on the motion picture "Quarantine", which was shot on the script Yury Shcherbakov film studio. Dovzhenko. Of the two songs of Vysotsky "It has long been silenced the guns" and "That's gone the way of the road, suddenly," In this movie the only one — the first by Yuri Kamorny. While the "raucous" Vysotsky's voice can not be embedded into the framework of the "Soviet aesthetics." In September 1971, the tour arrives at Kiev Moscow Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka. Kiev Vysotsky friends organize a series of creative meetings with the actor. By the time his popularity was already fantastic. His recognized on the streets, had to change rooms in the hotel to avoid encounters with the "active" groupies. Vysotsky's first recital was held in Kiev September 6, 1971 in VNIIPK "Neftehim", and only in September 1971, he performed concerts in 29 organizations in Kiev. He was listened to the workers "Arsenal" and "Lenin's smithy", the scientists of Institute of Physics, Botany, and Cybernetics, builders combine DSK-3, and other groups. Copyright series of concerts took place in Ukraine in 1972-73. get to the concert Vysotsky was a big success. Officially, the authorities tried to ban speech bard protect citizens against "harmful" influence of his songs. He was a strong advocate of high moral principles of patriotism and democracy. Rumors about the concerts of Vladimir Vysotsky echoed instantly and everywhere were crowded halls. His voice was a great inner strength pronimayuschaya deeply. Special place in our ranks Vysotsky Odessa. Odessa Film Studio production belongs to the famous "Vertical", where for the first time in the author's played his Vysotsky's songs, which became the anthem of later climbers.

Later the tapes were recorded with the participation of Vladimir Vysotsky "Brief Encounters," "Dangerous Tour", "White explosion." Immediately passed and shooting 5-series epic "The venue can not be changed," the idea of which belonged Wysocki. It was he who gave Govorukhin novel brothers Weiner "Era of Mercy" and "reserved" for a role Zheglov.

He was furious pace of life. In addition to the set, he was busy in the performances of the Taganka and therefore emu often had to fly to Moscow for performances and then return to Odessa on the subject. Thus was born the song Moscow-Odessa. The first film dedicated to the memory of Vysotsky was filmed in Kiev, at the film studio. Dovzhenko. Directed by Savelyev tape called "Memories". One of the streets of the capital bears the name of Vladimir Vysotsky. The same street there is a Tores. Kotovskogo Odessa. In 1998 in Mariupol, a monument to Captain Zhiglovu. Unfortunately, Vysotsky has not taken its place in the Union of Writers. These days in many cities of the former Soviet Union and is now Ukraine evenings of memory of the actor and poet. Vysotsky back "all the friends in my dreams." Topically sound today his "Ballad of the love of a child … against … ".

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