In Mexico, the volcano wakes up

News Mexico, Colima. Mexicans are alarmed — the largest in the country wakes up in the region of Colima Volcano.


Colima volcano located in the western part of Mexico, in the same state, and is the largest volcano in the region. Colima eruptions are frequent, for now recorded nearly forty of these episodes, and each time its tragic consequences (according to observations from the 16th century AD).


According to residents of neighborhoods, they have a few days, feel the hot breath of Colima, accompanied by tremors. Several houses were destroyed. People do not know what to do, the evacuation has not been announced.


Meanwhile, volcanologists noted increased activity of the volcano of Colima, but to predict whether and when the eruption they can not. And therefore the evacuation of the civilian population of speech at the moment is not.


According to the scientist, volcanologist Juan Ramirez, specialists have created a model of behavior of the volcano on the basis of data on its eruption in 1913. Colima then "threw" ashes neighborhood within about five hundred kilometers. And now there is a certain probability that the eruption is prepared, which is comparable in its power eruption in 1913. If that happens, the economic consequences would be catastrophic for the region.


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