In Mironovskoe Reservoir — Zamora carp


26.05.11.V newspaper "Donbass" turned fisherman Paul Ignatenko, udivshy fish Mironovskoe Reservoir, near Debalcevo. He complained about the sea of silver carp in the pond and sent photos, which it was evident that the whole shore strewn with dead fish. According to him, the body of water for several days there was a fetid smell, so normally fish and relax here was simply impossible.

Journalist "Donbass" immediately went to the scene to determine the cause. The local fishermen are mostly guilty of the power station, which is serviced by the reservoir and suspected chemical release into the cooling pond.

The local authorities claim that the situation is quite normal. As suggested by the head Myronivsky soviet Igor Kostoglodov, mass death of fish is not related to industrial emissions: "Three weeks ago, I first saw that fish is strange actively splashing and thrown ashore. Assume first that was release, which led to the poisoning of fish, but this version had to be discarded. "

In this he was convinced the Mironovskaya TPS, which has informed the head of the village that no accidents were not here. Thermal power plants now operate two boilers. If one turbine is stopped (for example, due to loss of oil that would have gone into the water, or for cleaning conducted with acids and alkalis discharged into the pond), then only one would have smoked a pipe. But both smoke! So, the station, according to the head soviet running smoothly.

The four-year Nikita engaged in "cleaning" the shore of dead fish.

According to director of the fish farm "Myronivsky" company "Donrybkombinat" Andrew Neuwirth, Zamor occurred related to the technology of fish production. "When a weakened fish out from hibernation, it is that it does not tolerate seasonal acclimatization. Zamor to 20% is considered acceptable limit. In this case it is not exceeded. This year has been a long cold, and in early May dramatically warmer, so the fish is weak and could not be reconstructed, "- he said.

To maintain the balance of aquatic flora and fauna, has brought several tons of fry. After all, carp, pike and carp feed on algae and reeds, and do not let the pond overgrown.

Now plague ceased, carrion collected. Individual decaying skeletons — this, according to Kostoglodova "residual effects, they will be able to eliminate crayfish from reservoirs." Only the characteristic smell of dead fish is still felt.

However, the local people is a little confusing: they come here to walk and sunbathe. Everyone knows that rotten fish — the source of many infectious diseases, so even closer to scaly carrion unsafe. However, the question is: Are you afraid to pick up any infection, tourists meet, no.

Comment "Donbass"

It's not the winter

Chairman of the Donetsk Regional Federation of recreational and sport fishing Natalia plugin:

— The official version of poor wintering unconvincing. It happens that the fish can not tolerate the cold, especially if the water is completely frozen and lacks oxygen. But the consequences of a bad winter can be seen at the beginning of April. Zamora is difficult to establish the reasons — the fish can get sick, it can poison the tenant will share something with each other, can be a chemical release. Need to investigate. Tolstolob who underwent Zamora, — delicate fish that likes to clean water. Even small changes in the biochemical composition of water could lead to his death.

Oleg Minnullin. Photo by the author.

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