In Moscow, recorded record atmospheric pressure

On Sunday, November 6, in Moscow air pressure set a new record for the day. According to the Met Office, the capital, due to the strong anticyclone in Moscow pressure reaches 768.2 millimeters of mercury (at a rate of 746 mm). This is more than the record value 767.9 millimeters of mercury, set for the same day in 2003. However, to a record month — 776 millimeters of mercury, observed on 21 November 1993, is not reached.
In the morning the temperature in Moscow dropped to eight to ten degrees below zero. In the east, near Moscow, Cherusti, frost reached 15 degrees, according to ITAR-TASS.
Cold air came with the Arctic anticyclone. The main attack was directed at the cold Urals and Moscow region also caught. Frosts below ten degrees below zero in the absence of snow may have a negative impact on crops. However, this cold snap will be short-lived, such frosts hold out another day

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