In Moscow, the entire week will be warm and clear

During the week in the metropolitan area will be spring-like warmth and clear, the probability of precipitation appears after Wednesday. On it informs RIA Novosti referring to a specialist center weather "Phobos" on Monday, April 4.

"Muscovites waiting for warm days: day temperature of about plus 14 degrees, and at night — not less than 5 degrees with a plus sign," — told the agency. He explained that, in the coming week in the Moscow region will be supplied warm air from Europe, but in general the weather will affect the subtropical anticyclone.
"The warmest day of the week will be on Monday, the day the air warms up to plus 16 degrees Celsius, will be clear. Muscovites waiting for this day of sun and spring water ", — said the weatherman.
Meanwhile, he said, on Tuesday will be partly sunny, with a medium to increase the probability of rain. However, the weather in Moscow will still spring. The average daily temperature will exceed climatic norm for five to seven degrees.
"On Tuesday, the day temperature will be 14 degrees plus, and on Wednesday — 13 degrees Celsius. On Friday, the air can not warm up more 11 degrees with a plus sign, "- said the forecaster.
According to him, the atmospheric pressure in the week will be slow to fall and the output will be lower than normal — about 728 millimeters of mercury.
"The weekend is expected to wet weather in the north-west wind. So at night the temperature will be about plus 5 degrees, and in the afternoon — not more than 11 degrees, "- said the weatherman.
He added that such changes in the weather will be associated with the cold air that comes in the Moscow region in the north-west, but the average temperature for this return to normal characteristic of these days.

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