In Nebraska, the threat of nuclear disaster

In the United States, another glaring case negligence at the plant. As the special correspondent of the News Agency of the International Globalist in the U.S., heavy rains and rising water levels in the Missouri threatens ecological disaster. In Nebraska, the flood washed away the wall that protected the water nuclear power plant, located in the town of Fort Calhoun.
As a result of rising water levels in the Missouri River were also flooded areas around some auxiliary buildings of the power plant.

ABC News reports that the flooding has led to power outages at the station, and now the reactor cooling station by means of back-up generator. Officials say with full responsibility that absolutely no danger to the plant exists. However, sources say a serious threat.

If the government is sending the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to place it — is a serious situation.

The head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was sent to the nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, but there is no danger to the public, officials said.Flood waters of the river Missouri reached the building in which the transformers and nuclear power plant was shut down. Backup generators cooling the nuclear material at the plant of the fort.The plant has not worked since April, and officials say there is no danger to the public.
Meanwhile, there was no protection to thousands of homes in Minot, where there is flooding from the Souris River, flooding more than 4,000 homes.There is also some good news: River in Minot
peaked two feet lower than expected. But it is almost 13 feet above flood level, and it is expected to remain at this level for several days. "It could be two — four, six weeks, or more, before the water returns to the track," said Brigadier-General of the National Guard North Dakotay.Bill Sikins. Sikins described the scene as "almost apocalyptic"Minot Mayor Curt Zimbelmen said this flood could be even greater than expected.
Forecasters said the worst part of the flood will be to the south and east of the Souris River Basin.

The source and the translation: Http://planeta.moy.suMore than 11,000 Minot residents were evacuated because of the very strong over the past decade, flooding Souris River. In the coming days the water level will rise by a few meters. Emergency because of flooding remains in the Missouri River basin. Residents of Craig in the northwest of the state of the same name also evacuated because of the breakthrough of two dams. The cause of the flood was the melting of the large amount of snow which fell last winter, and torrential rains. Predict that the flood situation will continue until the middle of July, and will be held at the highest point all summer.


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