In New Orleans, Isaac has left 510 mm rainfall

On the first day of September, accounting for Zenith season of tropical storms in the Atlantic, fading tropical depression "Isaac" is almost in the center of the United States, the states of Arkansas and Missouri. Cloud system has been surprisingly cohesive, but the wind speed does not exceed 40 km / h
In the next two days, "Isaac" has ceased to exist as a tropical cyclone, but its powerful cloud clusters continued rainfed Midwest USA. Unpleasant feature of tornadoes were triggered by high thermodynamic instability of the atmosphere. Labor Day leftovers cyclonic system turned to the north-east, to the mid-Atlantic coast. On the chosen route of ex-tropical elements continued rains, but the most intense rainstorms still got to Louisiana, the first occurrence of a hurricane.
The following are the maximum amounts of rainfall left "Isaac" in the United States:
New Orleans, Louisiana? 510 mm;
Kiln, Mississippi? 432 mm;
Vero Beach, Florida? 422 mm;
Royal Palm Beach? 414 mm;
Marion Roth, Mississippi? 382 mm.
Given that each millimeter of rainfall can be conventionally taken as 1 liter of water, for every square meter of New Orleans hit a half-ton and one bucket of water.
All of the above amounts to 2-3.5 times the monthly norm.


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