In Nizhny Novgorod, the next earthquake


13.01.11.Vchera today Nizhny Novgorod are in a fit of panic — the city again shakes. Tremors were felt by residents sorting, Center Sormovo, car factories and the Moscow region.

Here's what they write witnesses in new comments to our news from our November 2010:


Twenty minutes ago, so tryasanulo that will not show! Scary! Curtains go shake, furniture too .. Moscow district.


12/01/11 started again fluctuations. I live on the 9th floor panels. The walls shake walk. Not a pleasant feeling. The feeling that the house would collapse.


yesterday for the first time felt it on their own "skin"! Three tremors, shaking the water in the tank went!


Now sitting at the computer and suddenly shattered everything: flowers, and a table. I live on the 7th floor panel. Little frightening, it seems that everything will collapse. Center Sormovo ((

In November, tremors attributed to the military exercises in Mulino. Receive any comments on the issue of qualified organizations as yet. We hope that in the near future it will become clear what caused the earthquakes that have shaken two days Nizhny Novgorod.

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