In North Ossetia, alpine meadows burn


Specialists had to extinguish the fire by hand Photo from the archives of "KP"

30.12.10.V North Ossetia near Alagir burn grazing meadows. As the chief of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the North Ossetian Julia Starchenko, burning dry grass on the grazing ranges. Fire area about five gektrov.

At the moment, the fire did not pose any threat to human settlements as burning grass in the high valleys, which are located far away from residential areas.

Firefighters reached by vehicles to the fire can not be put out the flames have to manually.

After localization of fires, experts will establish the incident. Already called several versions. One of which — the abnormally warm weather for December. Afternoon air in Ossetia heated to 15 degrees above zero, there is little rainfall. But, perhaps, could be the cause of fires and human error — one of the shepherds could throw in a dry grass unquenched cigarette.


While the central regions of the country descend snow and freezing rain, in the Stavropol region reigns spring. In some areas, the air temperature at the edge of the sun on clear days reached 25 degrees plus!

Abnormally warm weather caused delays in the awakening of nature. The village Pelagiada vengeance collect blooming violets and surprised glance at dogwood trees that are about to bloom.

And in Vladikavkaz plum blossom and acacia. Stavropol residents boast appeared in their gardens rosebuds and lamented intensified mites.

KP.RU — Stavropol

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