In North Ossetia, open flowers


30.12.10.Na southern Russia on snow still dreaming. On New Year Kuban broken record temperatures — plus 19. In Krasnodar, tomorrow promises to plus five. Heat and Kalmykia. And in the Stavropol region began blooming cherry and peach. There, the thermometer climbed to plus 16. This "winter heat" in the region saw almost half a century. In North Ossetia, now in full bloom flowers. And even ripening raspberries. But dry and warm in December brought the problem — in the country started forest fires.

Such a warm December Ossetia has not happened. For the whole month of winter snow in Vladikavkaz has never seen. Temperature does not fall below freezing even at night.

Senior forecaster North Ossetian meteorologist Galina Pikalk confirms: "This is an anomaly, of course."

Despite the festive Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, Vladikavkaz looks almost over-year. A snowflake can be seen only on Christmas flags. However, the weather is not all sad.

The abnormal weather reacted not only people, but also plants. Even on the slopes, where at this time usually is a thick layer of snow, dozens of plants in bloom.

"We see a lot of flowering plants," — said the deputy director of the North Ossetian State Reserve for Science Konstantin Popov.

This was not here at least a few decades. Scientists have documented that even some plants give off. Ripening raspberries, strawberries, and even exotic Japanese quince.

On the eve of the Christmas tree lit up, not only in urban areas but also in the mountains. Arid December provoked local fires in Alagir gorge. Transcaucasian highway shrouded in smoke, but, fortunately, the settlements, the fire is not threatening.

Unusual weather makes adjustments to the plans for the coming vladikavkaztsev long weekend. Due to a complete lack of snow, the traditional winter activities were under threat.

If the weather does not change, the people of Ossetia is unlikely in the near future for skiing or tobogganing. People can only hope for a New Year's miracle. But, however, and forecasters do not exclude that on the night of January 1 start snowing.
Alexander Kunduhov


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