In Norway, a gas leak at an oil platform of Statoil evacuated 63 people.


09.04.2011, 19:56:40 Oslo in Norway as a result of a gas leak on an oil platform of Statoil evacuated 63 people. As the representatives of the company, it is a platform for Employment, which was taken by helicopter. At the same time, another 60 employees remain in place to control the situation, reports Associated Press.

Visund oil platform located 150 km north of Bergen.

Recall, StatoilHydro was formed in 2007. the merger of the Norwegian oil and gas business of Norsk Hydro, the then oil production, aluminum production and alternative energy, the oil company Statoil. Approximately 62.5% of shares in Statoil ASA today owned by the Norwegian government.

In November, 2009. StatoilHydro ASA has decided to change its name to Statoil ASA and rebranding. The old logo was only in the network of filling stations (gas stations), as the company assumed for the unit specific objectives and target audience.


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