In Norway, the severe flooding caused landslides (video, photos)

Heavy rainfall and snow melt in the mountains of central and eastern valleys of Norway triggered severe floods. According to recent reports, one person injured.

Bergen, Norway's second largest city, virtually cut off from other parts of the country. Roads leading to the city were flooded, many bridges are damaged. According to witnesses, a flood of water literally washed off the house.

The most serious situation in the south of Norway — in the area of lakes Mosa, Worm and Glomma. The level of the largest lake in the kingdom over the past day Mosa rose by nearly 30 centimeters. Dams can not cope with this volume — professionals have to perform an emergency water release. Of several communities had to evacuate.

On Sunday, the water level in Mose was 6.5 meters (mean water — 5.25 meters). At the same time, experts note that the water in the lake rises more slowly than expected: her level now increases by 1 centimeter per hour — on Monday, the figure was 2 centimeters.
Due to the flooding in Norway remained closed more than a dozen local roads.

Recall that the flood is raging, and Romania. Central regions have great problems with the power supply, the serious damage caused to agriculture. Significant improvement in the weather forecasters in Romania in the next few days, do not promise.
Photo floods in Norway put bloggers on the resource Earth Changes and the Pole Shift.



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