In Novokuznetsk recorded earthquakes


29.11.12.Glavnoe emergency department in the Kemerovo region finds cause tremors of 2.4 points in Novokuznetsk. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Altai-Sayan branch, they were the result of technological explosion. 

Geophysics Wednesday evening in Novokuznetsk recorded aftershocks with magnitude of 2.4 points. Meanwhile, as residents feel their toe and Prokopievsk. Cause tremors specialists called technological explosion.

"We can not say that exploded, now we find out. Yes, most likely technological explosion ", — Said the staff of the Regional Emergency Management.

In Geophysical Survey "Newspaper Novokuznetsk" reported that the technological explosion probably occurred at one of the cuts. However, local geologists explained that to Novokuznetsk technological shocks are not peculiar, as in basically are mine, and not the large incisions.

Sergei Lisin

Chelyabinsk region coordinates of the mine collapsed Korkino 54 ° 53?00? with. sh. 61 ° 24?00? a. etc.


But it seems the reason the monitor data from Kazakhstan

11/29/2012 / 7:45: 09.0 53.13 60.22 7.2 1.98 1 1.7 URAL MOUNTAINS

Mine "Korkinsky" collapsed near Chelyabinsk

29.11.12.Odin man was under the debris as a result of emergency in the city Korkino. Immediately went to the place spetsbrigady MOE.

Warning horn on mine "Korkinsky" entered on duty in remote 12:51 (7: 51 to UTC) local time. According to witnesses, there was a major mining company obval.1 people did not have time to get out of the tunnel and under the rubble.

— The cause of the collapse is not yet installed, but the mine manager explained that the incident occurred between two mating workings during metal recovery — told Life News in the MOE. — What was it — a blast or just collapse — until it turns out.

In place of a part of mountain rescue work paramilitary MOE, and the task force of the 6th unit of the Federal Fire Service.

— According to data obtained from the Manager Ltd. "PAA", the debris was 1 person: Head of section — added in the MOE. — We know that the area employed 5 people, total duty shift at the mine is 48.

At this point the victim was taken to the miner travmotologicheskoe Department BTF Korkino. It is known that the man is conscious and his life is not in danger.

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