In Novorossiysk killing bulls and orchids


9.06.11.Intensivnoe anthropogenic impacts threaten the well-being of the monument prirody.V Environmental Watch on North Caucasus called the head of the circle city station naturalists Novorossiysk Olga Balanyuk. She reported that on 1 June 2011. class Circle "Young environmentalists" were held on Sudzhukskoy Spit.

According to her, behind ducts children notice nailed to the Dead calves, from 10 to 20 centimeters. Next on the spit of dead fish were more and more, it hits literally every two feet. All of the dead animals were observed signs of the same: bloodless body with broken bellies, bulging white eyes. Total students mug counted 156 dead fishes, of which there were about a dozen of sticklebacks, and the rest — gobies.

This fact — yet another manifestation of the critical state of the natural monument of regional significance "Sudzhukskaya Lagoon". Sudzhukskoy lagoon pollution each year progresses. In the late 30's of the last century to spawn a protected lagoon from the sea braid going down more than 40 species of fish, in 1995 — only 12. In 2009, the results of studies of water samples, conducted by the testing laboratory Novorossiysk academic research center, found bacterial contamination.

This year, in some parts of the lagoon almost no living organisms, water black and gives off an unpleasant odor. Two years ago, the water front is located on the bank of the cafe "Aleksino" covered foam film thickness up to 20 cm in the present foam is also found in the central and northern parts of the lagoon. Acidity of the water is not correct.
Poisoning Sudzhukskoy lagoon comes from its southern side. Among the possible causes — draining waste from the cafe "Aleksino" seepage of raw water from the territory of the 14 th district, as well as dumping a small river flowing into the lagoon, the pollutants from the construction site of a new Palace of Sports. Locals believe the environmental unacceptability of this construction: the soil is low, and the weight of the object being built sports hydrogen sulfide began to escape to the surface. The smell is hard to confuse otherwise.
In December last year, environmental activists turned to the Novorossiysk city government to conduct a check for contamination Sudzhukskoy lagoon. Answer contained information about the state of water in the lagoon in compliance. However, with the coming of spring, signs of environmental degradation in the lagoon were again evident: the transparency of water is almost zero, domestic pollution, silting and shoaling bottom, increased eutrophication, contamination of the water protection zone lagoon. Now — the death of fish. In poor condition and there is a small island of orchids that grow on the "patch" of 50 to 50 meters in the western part of the lagoon.
Great damage is recreation. In particular, the use of water wheels, with the apparent harmlessness, seriously aggravates small, overgrown with aquatic vegetation lagoon pererublennye stems in hot summer weather, begin to decompose rapidly, disrupting the normal functioning of biological systems of the reservoir.
Sudzhukskaya lagoon since 1979 is a natural monument. According to the recommendations of experts, to preserve this unique corner of nature requires a complete ban on the construction, transportation vehicles, grazing animals, mow vegetation in surrounding areas. And, above all, it is necessary to eliminate the sources of pollution lagoon. In reality, the situation is radically different. As a result, we may lose a unique body of water, turning it into a lifeless swamp.
Olga Balanyuk sent in the Azov-Black Sea environmental prosecutor's office a letter requesting investigation for violations of environmental laws in Sudzhukskoy lagoon and take appropriate prosecutorial response.
Environmental Watch has learned that as a result of public outcry, the critical condition of the monument of nature and treatment of the public in a variety of local authorities, two weeks earlier than usual was restored canal connecting Sudzhukskuyu lagoon to the Black Sea. This is a slightly improved the condition of the water: with the upgrade of the water and cleaning the bottom of the polluted sludge, a large number of juveniles of several species of fish. This improvement, however, does not solve the chronic problems caused by the pollution of the lagoon and its environmentally flawed recreational use.

Tatiana LVIV
(Environmental Watch on North Caucasus)
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Tel.: (961) 5246979 (Olga Balanyuk)

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