In Odessa tram rails have gone underground.

In Odessa tram rails have gone underground.Tram painting went under the ground near the house number 45 on the street Admiral Lazarev.
"Movement of the tram route number 11 suspended, and the route number 12 runs on the modified track — the train station, not to the station" Commercial "," — said the director of enterprise "Odesgorelektrotrans" Dmitry Polunin.

According to eyewitnesses, the failure was formed yesterday.

"I leave out the garbage and I see that on the pavement between the rails something black. At first I thought it was a bag of lies and went — and it is the ground one boulder fell. Looked — and there is a deep hole. Back home — to meet her friend, she Privoz goes. Tram did not wait. Show her this hole, "- says a resident of house number 45 Nina Andreevna.

According to the woman, half an hour after that all fell through, the hole has a depth of about five meters.
"Yesterday afternoon here all principality popriezzhalo. And FEMA was also. They say — the water from rotting pipes burst, all washed away and went into the catacombs "- shared living immediately Nicholas.
The workers were trying to figure out what to do with the well.
"It's dark. Coloring situation adds that the whole street Lazarev more from 10 am de-energized. Immediately bystanders say that the neighboring Bulgarian also no light. At this time, go out a few street lights, and the work has to be carried by the light of flashlights and headlights of passing cars, "- eyewitnesses.
And so, in the dark of the moon, accompanied by expressions of censorship too, the failure of trucks covered with earth. If all this does not fail again tomorrow, how soon will mount rails and trams will run. And while the trams do not go on the commodity and service depot wagons, which also are repair shops, cut off from the city tram network.
By the way, in the last few years on the street Lazarev failures occur frequently.
"Near the 51-home twice fail" — say the locals.
Blame for everything, sure people worn to the limit of underground utilities, water from which regularly erodes soil. And under the ground — the catacombs, where the water and goes to the ground.
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