In one district of Tatarstan is the loss of cattle and dying bees

In Tatarstan, in an area marked by the death of livestock. Version — experiments on gamma irradiation of seeds.
In Spassky district of the Republic of Tatarstan is a massive case of cattle, as well as noting the mass death of bees, reports IA REGNUM.

According to the representative of the Tatarstan branch of the Social-Ecological Union, Nelly Biktimirova in cows numb legs, and then they die. Also, such cases were recorded in pigs and sheep.

As explained by local veterinarians, animal deaths associated with the spring osteodystrophy, but members of the SEU associated loss of livestock with experiments on irradiation of seeds of agricultural crops conducted in the area in 2010. Also experts Socio-Ecological Union, noted that nearby is the Dimitrovgrad NIIAR liquid waste going back into the earth, where they on tectonic faults can reach Tatarstan.

Ecologists of the Republic, concerns about the potential impact of the experiments on irradiation of seeds, not just to protest about this, but the government and business leaders, such as Rosatom and JSC "V / O" Isotope ", has decided to extend the work on the experimental gamma-irradiation of seeds of agricultural crops in Tatarstan.

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