In Peru and Bolivia, there were huge cracks

You are entering a period of major geological upheaval, and the lithosphere will be at risk of increased mobility due to increased volcanic activity, faults, glacial pressure, and as long as the movement of tectonic plates will test the strength of the crust of the planet stretching. Lithospheric deformation is happening in India, New Zealand and the Pacific region, in Upper Michigan and in South America, where the instability is caused by a new, disturbing Cocos, Caribbean and Nazca.

Now our attention is occupied breaks and landslides that occur in Bolivia and Peru, both of which are located near the restive Nazca.


The sudden appearance of a huge crack on the morning of 100 meters wide and three kilometers in length, caused confusion among residents of the district in the province Huakullani Chiquita. The exact cause of the crack remains unknown. Geophysical Institute of Peru ruled An earthquake in the region, but the land is definitely opened up and the entire region can be seen scattered huge chunks of land. This event, which happened on Wednesday morning, caused the destruction of a house in a rural community Llorohoko. Four people were able to get out, but the smallest in the family, 4-year-old Jean Carlos Acero Vilkankuy gone.

Geo-engineering of the Regional Committee for Civil Defence arrived in the area to investigate and determine the causes of this phenomenon, says the head of the civil defense department of Puno Javier Pampallko.


A crack in the earth.  Bolivia

In the land there was a huge crack. In total prigoroodah Los Alamos and La Florida were damaged 21 houses with more than 34 families, where, during the recent rains landslide occurred 20 hectares of land.

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