In reservoirs Makhambet region again dying fish. Photo


11.06.11.V edition reported fish kills in ponds Makhambet region. Today, during a brief trip to the closest creek — information confirmed.

On the so-called fifth after the first kilometer of the bridge turn left. Here in poluvysohshem riverbed on both sides of belly-up floating roach, bream, fry, perches, which recorded the object of our press photographer. And such a sad picture was observed during the entire trip along the tributaries, which originates from the Black River. The head wind is foul smell of decomposing fish flesh. Carcass fatty fish swarmed green flies. Carrion birds peck reluctantly.

Also, according to unofficial information, now in places zamoroopasnyh Makhambet region rot tons of fish, which, however, is difficult to reach by land, otherwise we would have visited there. Zamora and observed in the sea off Kamynin. In addition, about a month ago, a dead fish floated ordinary fish species along the coast of the Urals, accumulating in the corners.

Yesterday we visited and the Black River in tubbolnitsy, where he recorded Zamora. Dead fish goes out again along the shores. By the way, before our eyes off the road to the coast slid vacuum hose whose driver stuck in the river. Not claim he poured or pumped sewage water, but his actions clearly questionable.

We are waiting for comments from the environmental prosecutor's office, we have been informed about Zamora, as well as fisheries, which, in particular, distributes zamoroopasnye reservoirs of natural resources, obliged to ensure that such incidents occurred.

Leo Guzik

Photo: V. Istomin

Ak Zhaiyk

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