In rivers White and Black Uba killed fish precious


Posted on 11/09/2012 by user 1tvkz

In rivers White and Black Uba die valuable species — grayling and roach. As explained ichthyology, fish simply gasped. Rather, the water got a chemical that has greatly reduced the level of oxygen. Now scientists are counting dead animals and find out the exact causes of river pollution.

10.09.12.Trevozhny sign came from Ridder: residents say that in the rivers White and Black Uba massive fish die valuable species.

— We know it. At the Institute, brought the dead fish, but it is highly decomposed, — told Director of Altai branch of LLC "Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries" Roman Savinkov. — We have determined that the fish simply suffocated due to lack of oxygen in the water.

However, the expert explained that in the fast flowing river freeze for this reason, in principle, can not be due to natural causes.

— In the water, got a chemical that has greatly reduced the level of oxygen — said Roman V.. — What — I can not say for sure. This could be anything. Starting with the fact that the water came from carbide acetylene cylinder, which is used by welders, ending the copper concentrate, for example. Options can be mass.

According to the director of LLP, died young of grayling and roach.
Elena Suprunova

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