In Romania mine swallowed supermarket. Photo

Karst holes

Technological disaster in the Romanian city of Windows-Mures

28.12.10.Po to experts, geologists expect a similar situation smt. Solotvyno Tyachiv region in the Carpathian region in the case of conservation (this is called flooding) mine number 8 and number 9. Is it necessary to wait to the whole village went under ground and under water to finally move this issue from the "dead spots"?!

Windows-Mures city, with a population of 15,500 people (of which 10,500 are over 50 years — according to the 2002 census), is located in the north-western Romania, 55km from the administrative center of Alba Iulia. It hosts extraction of salt from the Roman Empire. Because of the numerous accidents in 1978 was discontinued production of salt and underground workings, which are located almost under most of the city flooded. Today salt is extracted from sea water from the wells, where the water is under high pressure.

In the night from 21 to 22 December 2010 within the city was formed as a result of the collapse pit area 1800 square meters. In the crater collapsed supermarket "Plus" and part of a house. Was blocked traffic on several streets due to a crack in the roadway up to 200 m, were stopped supply of water, gas and electricity. Disaster area shielded from nearby homes were evacuated 19 residents. Were also evacuated wealth of two medical offices, buildings Treasury and Orthodox parish and nearby high-rise buildings.

At the request of the Committee for Emergency Situations, the cause of the incident was the washing of soil water under high pressure from one of the idle wells. According to the mayor, Mr. Aurelius Dreguts fell through the ceiling of one of the galleries of the mine, located almost at the whole city. Most residents accuse the authorities of inaction and incompetence in preventing similar situations.

Now do not increase the size of the crater and the failure does not apply to residential homes. The Emergency Committee constantly monitor the situation.

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