In Russia developed a new generation of naval missile

In Russia developed a new generation of naval missile

RF sea missiles developed the latest generation
Company «Tactical Missiles» in 2012, completing the development of 10 types of high-precision systems managed aviation and marine instruments. This was stated by Director General Boris Obnosov holding, «Interfax».
«This year we are preparing and completing a very huge series of our products in a different type, and immediately we must prepare for their mass production. Problem is not just difficult, but if we use the term Lenin — daunting, «- said Obnosov.

He said that at the terminating stage of creation are more than 10 aviation and maritime missile last generation, «most of which ends up tests and preparing for mass production.»

Eventually it will dramatically upgrade air weapons range air-to-air and «air-surface» significantly upgrade anti complexes. «Timing compressed and need to catch, — said director general.

Speaking about the difficulties he had, namely, noted that «there is a certain discrepancy between the technical re-programm companies that come in various companies.» «The situation when one tries to build your own little farm, you need to adjust,» — said Obnosov.

«We could also say that we need to build new factories in order to provide a series: preparation of our products. But you must realize that excessive funds for this country does not have. At the same time we read an interview litsezreem and managers at various branches of the industry, claiming a lack of capacity utilization. Sometimes, it reaches 50 percent. So why not download existing factory instead of building new ones? This, I think, not the municipal «- said Obnosov.

It is time, for sure, he said, put at the forefront cooperation between individual holdings as internal connections in built structures capable already debugged. «The task of difficult, but I am convinced that this is the output, which has permitted to use quite excellent municipal funds,» — he added.

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