In Russia the hypersonic missile

In Russia the hypersonic missile
In Russia already created hypersonic missile capable of flying at speeds over Mach 4.5 (about 5.2 thousand kilometers per hour). On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, at MAKS-2013 in Zhukovsky said General Director of «Tactical Missiles» Boris Obnosov. According to him, while newcomer rocket capable of doing hypersonic flights only for a few seconds.

«We are currently at hypersonic can fly, we have at the moment and missiles flying at hypersonic Mach 4.5 with the speed, but we do not need short-term and stable flight at hypersonic missile in the atmosphere. We need to reach a long flight and not on a small hypersonic «- said Obnosov, noting that the need to create a missile capable of flying at speeds of 6, 10 and 14 Mach numbers. «These steps are completely different based on the belief of scientific thought, but they need to be solved,» — said General Director of TRV.

Earlier it was reported that tests hypersonic missile Russian development scheduled for 2013. They should be held in Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region. Project creation hypersonic missile secretive, because neither its code or puzzles or tactical-technical characteristics are unknown. First missile tests took place on the ground in Akhtubinsk in 2012, but you can not call them vsepolnotsennymi.

Development of hypersonic missiles intensively conducted in the USSR since the 1970s. In the 1990s, the work in this direction is actually one hundred percent were terminated. Thus, the «NGO engineering» to develop missiles «meteorite», and later to start working on the machine with the code «4202». «Raduga» in 1980 launched a project Gael X-90. In the 1970s on the basis of the missile system S-200 missile was created «cold.» During the tests, it was able to develop a speed of 6 thousand kilometers per hour.

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