In Samara fell brown snow


18.01.11.Sneg light brown in color and fell in the Samara region. In the MOE suggest that perhaps the snow is brown sand storm effects in Kazakhstan.

"From 1 January 2, Samara snow fell in shades of brown. Environmentalists immediately took the snow for chemical analysis. The analysis showed that the risk to human life, not "- said the agency" Interfax "on Sunday, head of the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

As recalled by the agency, a similar phenomenon could watch in March last year, residents of the Amur region — while the snow fell in the region because of yellow dust storms in Mongolia.

Meanwhile, Samara blogger nick vedma2860 not lazy, strange-looking gathered snow and melt it in a glass house. The water turned dark brown.

"Today was the brown dust even more, though snowfall during the day were observed. Much, and. So much so that I was not too lazy sfotat yard this "beauty", and then took a glass and melt in the microwave. Very much was wondering what would happen. No special smell in the water there, but the color struck — dark brown. After half an hour the main dirt deposited on the bottom of the glass, but the water still remained opaque "- writes the blogger.


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