In Samara, the fish die again (VIDEO)


10.10.12.V Petropavlovsk area seems another environmental emergency — on the river near the village of Samara Olefirovka local residents have found many dead fish. The situation repeats itself? Indeed, in October last year, the same thing happened! Who was the culprit of what happened?

"Come — see for yourself and feel," — said by phone from our reader Olefirovki. On Monday morning, October 8, correspondent of "MF" was in place. Once we pulled off the highway and Donetsk began to move in the direction of the river, wind brought us the distinct smell of feces. As if the next burst sewer.

The river becomes a pink and green …

"It's kind of scary, boys! — Greets us with a man from the street promenade (the name of his name, but asked him not to publish it in the newspaper — who knows what). — When starting these discharges, our river is colored — then pink, then white, then green … and terrible stink. And the fish along the coast as dead! All fry emerged … And this is not the first year that we all here are outraged. "

"Who does that? Suspect Ternovskii treatment is discharged into their drains. Because of this, and the water level rises sharply, and the stench is unbearable, and the fish dies — continues our source. — Why do think so? Judge for yourself. Purification built in the 50's of the last century — that they can be cleaned, especially if the person uses the new detergents and other chemistry? "

His wife confirms: "I grew up here and remember this river. It was normal. Here as long as it has always been a rest, and that now? '"Became especially noticeable in the last four years. And so, when the neighboring children's camp have children, no discharges are not noticeable, and only leaves the camp — it all begins … "- said the man again.


Useless to complain, believe the villagers

With several residents Street Pier we descend to the river. The water drainage sewage smell even stronger. "What's that, that's when the morning mist on the river is, and then it is spreading to the houses — impossible to breathe" — complains a local guy.

"Look — a woman pointing to the reeds in the water. We mowed yet dry, but now it is far from the coast. Our boat is also on to untie her, I have to go into the water. The water level has increased dramatically — by 30 centimeters. And the rains in these days there was no more ".

We walk along the shore — at the edge of it in the reeds completely dead fry. In some places, belly to the top of the fish swims and bigger. Some fishes are still alive — they jump in the water, like a play. But in fact, explain my companions, fish do not have enough oxygen, and she's trying to jump on the shore …

"Get out, perch lying around, and there are pike … — beckon me to water my companions, one of them holding the already stiff fish. — Yesterday boys hands caught fish — she was still alive, though, and "drunk." And last year, tons of it is going. "

According to residents Olefirovki, complaining of loss of fish and the smell of feces they turned to their Dmitrivsky village council, but things are there. "It's useless to call back — still no one solves the problem. We are outraged themselves together, tolerate, and who will help us? "- Distressed villagers.

Again, blame the tenants and the heat?

Recall that in October 2011, "PT" is also written about the mass death of fish in Samara near Dmitrovka Olefirovki and Bazhanov and Paul area (see "In the death of fish blame the summer heat? (VIDEO)" and "Who is the culprit of environmental catastrophe.") According to the journalist, then deputy head of the State Administration for Construction and Public Utilities Alexander Bugas, in water samples taken from near Samara Olefirovki, revealed very little oxygen.

That was in October 2011.

"The reason, which is why there was such ecological situation clearly can not be named. Possibly released into the river or some kind of crap out there there was a process of decay. We can say one thing: the fish in this presence of oxygen is not living, it dies, "- noted the official.

Correspondent "PV" then, in 2011, spoke with the director of the branch of PJSC "DTEK Pavlogradugol" "Pavlograd regional management of water supply and wastewater treatment facilities" (PRUVOKS) Peter Abrosimova. The structure of this management includes Ternovskii treatment facilities. According to P. Ambrosimova, purified water, which is obtained at the outlet of sewage and discharged by means of pumps to Samara, meets all environmental standards and does not harm the river flora.

Director PRUVOKSa suggested that the sharp rise in the water level in Samara and the mass death of fish may be to blame for the tenants of ponds in the area of St. Peter and Paul. They say that because of the heat of the surrounding shores of lakes and streams covered by rot, and when tenants flushed in a bid to catch the fish, the water washed it rot in the river. As a result, Samara got hydrogen sulfide and other products of putrefaction, deadly to fish.

For comment the current situation reports "PV" addressed the Dmitrov Village Council (in its territory is Olefirovka) and Zapadnodonbasskuyu environmental inspection. In the village hall reporter told of a mass fish kill local government knows. "Unfortunately, it's one out of every year happens when the river get any discharges or when the fish suffocating … it's trouble for us. But more about this country could you tell the head — it is not. "

The regional environmental inspection correspondent explained that they have so far no official information about the situation on the river near Samara Olefirovki not. But when it comes to fish kills, the residents should call the regional rybinspektsiyu or else in the Regional State Environmental Inspectorate.

Let's hope that at least this year, found out and punished the perpetrators of environmental disaster.

Alexander Shulga

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