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28.10.11.Zhiteli Latvian village Saurieshi live under the constant threat of flooding. Their home at any time can literally go down the drain. The first is an alarming already.

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Of the water, the tops of dead trees still stick lampposts — once Memorial Salaspils camp prisoners covered. Still — it was a place of memory of thousands of innocent people who died. Among the prisoners camp was the father known in these parts of the sculptor Uldis Stergisa. So when he was asked to create a monument, Stergis without hesitation agreed.

"On one side of the stone was written — Salaspils concentration camp: a branch Saurieshi. And the second — carved those terrible years: 1941 — 1944 th. Was a pedestal, was a spacious area with lighting, "- says the sculptor.

These pictures are taken from space about three years ago. The island with the monument is still around.

Photo: screenshot video

Then the water level in his career was a few meters below — because the plant was still mine here in plaster. So using a powerful pump for pumping groundwater. Now this one does. And unfortunately, the management of the company does not comment on the situation. A phone local council and did not answer. The locals just thought blame what is happening in Saurieshi.

Local residents show us their land — water can absorb them at home. In the same way, as consumed memorial. But that's not all —

Local soil may start to fall at any moment.

Ground water leaches huge void in the cast. Earth can not survive and will fail with all the houses. This happens now in Skaystkalne, on the border with Lithuania. It is exactly the same of the rock. Save the situation would help the new channel, which led off the surplus water in the adjacent river.

But it still can not dig — there is another parish and private landowners, and to negotiate with them as long as does not work. Because there is a real risk that the water will soon leave not only the island with the monument, and the entire tenure with houses.

Michael Parakhin

Source: TVNET

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