In several U.S. states powerful tornado swept

In the north-east United States struck a series of powerful tornadoes. Destruction is immediately in 8 states. The strongest impact of elements took over Tennessee and Pennsylvania. Dozens of homes in a few minutes turned into chips.

Wind can easily uproot trees and lifted into the air vehicles. Continuity and power lines. No one was injured because of people notified in time of distress and they managed to hide.

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In the U.S., a tornado demolished dozens of homes

On Wednesday night, over the state of Pennsylvania tornado swept

U.S. National Weather Service did not announce a storm warning, but residents of Pennsylvania had a taste of the atmosphere on Thursday approaching tornado.

Greg Kurtyak living in Hempfilde, was with her daughter in the garage when it's suddenly threw hail.

Greg looked over the threshold of the garage, but immediately regretted his actions.

— The wind got so strong that uproot trees and pieces of debris were worn throughout the area — said Greg.

— I immediately grabbed her daughter and we went up to the house. Later, out of the window, we watched in horror at how sprawling crater resembling a tornado, turned into a pile of trash everything in its path — added unfortunate, whose garage in seconds into a bunch of garbage.

Only in Pennsylvania these stories for the last day there are dozens, but because the victims can be counted on the fingers, yet beware of power to sound the alarm and pump panic.

— It seems incredible that a few dozen homes destroyed, torn power lines, uprooted many trees, none of the local population was seriously hurt. It's a miracle, — said one of the representatives of local authorities, Bob Job.

It is reported that meteorologists personally went today to the affected areas of the state to ensure that the emergency tornado still "visited" the United States and was not a harbinger of a possible catastrophe


Responsibility for meteorological element confer on collision of warm and cold fronts. In the south-western Pennsylvania destroyed dozens of buildings. More than 40 homes uninhabitable. The Red Cross arranged the shelter for local residents. No injuries were reported.

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