In southern Chile landslide occurred

Protracted rains in central and southern Chile caused landslides, cut off from civilization for about 30 residents. The landslide occurred on a road in 4 km from the village Farellones, near the capital city of Santiago.

The injured were sent to the said road to one of the ski resorts in the area Farellonesa when the rain and snow, they blocked the path of a huge lump of rock and soil razmyakshey. Fortunately, the incident there were no casualties. Indeed, in this part of the Andes weather conditions have deteriorated, and the heavy snow continues to pave the border crossing Los Libertadores, joining the Chilean city of Los Andes and the Mexican city of Mendoza.
At the bottom of the Andes once stood on a landslide blocked the road leading to San Jose de Maipo, a car. It is reported that the car was empty and no one was hurt. In Santiago, the rain happened minor flooding. The work of many ports suspended due to deteriorating weather conditions.


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