In southern Mexico declared extremely dangerous hurricane

The government of the Mexican state of Oaxaca in the south on Friday announced the highest degree of danger due to the hurricane approached the coast, "Carlotta", according to local authorities.

According to the Mexican television, the hurricane has increased to the second category. Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. To the hurricane was awarded the first category on the Saffir-Simpson scale with winds exceeding 120 kilometers per hour. If the wind speed is more than 150 kilometers per hour, the hurricane category rises to the second, at 180 — up to a third, at 210 — up to fourth. Category is the most dangerous hurricane with winds over 250 miles per hour.

Rescue services Oaxaca ready if necessary to evacuate people from dangerous areas. Trained dozens of temporary shelters, located mostly in schools and even churches.

Meteorologists do not exclude that a hurricane can raise and Guerrero, where the world-famous resort of Acapulco. There, too, to take precautions with the approach of the elements.

Usually the hurricane season in the Pacific begins in mid-May and lasts for six months — until the middle of November. This year, experts expect the appearance of 13 tropical cyclones, which can lead to the formation of hurricanes.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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