In St. Petersburg, organize production exoskeletons

In St. Petersburg, organize production exoskeletons
Golf production exoskeletons — unique mechanical structures with blocks and balances designed to reduce physical stress on the military in a combat situation at the plant is preparing materials innovatorskogo Special Scientific Production Association Special materials (NGOs CM), reports Interfax-AVN.

«The exoskeleton developed by researchers of the Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University, received the highest score on the held in Moscow in late August days of innovations Defense Ministry. According to the agreement between the Institute and our union agreement in the Northern capital of preparing ground for the production of these products, «- told Interfax-AVN, the general director of CM Misha Silnikov.

According to him, the total computation in SWAT, which can reach sixty kg, distributed on the exoskeleton, will push with force least 10 kg.
«Led to good results and combining the exoskeleton with attached to it a ballistic shield to protect the special forces — a new development NGOs CM. This combination gave a qualitatively new level of protection, mobility, ergonomics, and ultimately increase the combat power of the soldier «- M. Silnikov allocated.

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