In Syktyvkar cherry blossom again



11.08.11.Strannye anomalies occur on our site. In August, suddenly blossomed cherry. Flowers only a few pieces, but still strange. This year, the tree have a wonderful harvest. What is the reason for this strange behavior, and what do we do?


Questions from readers of "KP" editor in chief "your 6 acres." TV presenter Andrey Tumanov:

— Stone fruit (cherries and plums) sometimes throw up cottagers like surprises. Summer and even autumn bloom is very rare, but not unusual in this. Sometimes formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen. Summer blooms can cause a warm and sunny weather during this period quickly formed flower buds. Another possible reason may be that some of the trees in the process of forming a kidney last year was delayed and ended only in this (belated development of the kidney). In any case, there is no re-flowering mass, only single flowers bloom. This phenomenon does not affect the wintering tree or on its future harvest. Just in case I tear off the flowers so that the plant does not expend energy for nothing.

Source: KP.RU

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