In Tashkent after 30 degree heat began to snow

The morning of 15 March in Tashkent snowed after 25-30 degree heat, standing in the capital on 13 and 14 March.

Recall that the abnormally warm weather in recent days following the established cold snap in late February and early March. Trees on the two days before the beginning of blossoming buds, bloomed the first apple and almonds.

But the wind, which began in the capital, the evening of 14 March, the weather changed for several hours.

March 15 morning, the temperature in the capital declined sharply to 2 gradusov.V now thermometers show one degrees.

Due to the cold snap, on March 15 announced Uzgidromettsentr danger of avalanches in the mountainous regions of the republic and seleopanost in foothill areas.

Center forecasts for the day from 2 to 7 degrees. And on mountains of Uzbekistan — 3 to +2.


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