In Ternopil terrible flood


2.08.11.Silnye showers podtopili houses, huge puddles in the streets, and there are power failures of entire neighborhoods.

According to the press service of the Ternopil City Council. Recall, now in Ternopil was declared a storm warning.

The problem — in a drainage system. So at the end of last month, a shower, even a football match was canceled because the football field was completely flooded.

"Over the years, a drainage system is worn out. Significant load on it, because here drains and rain water from areas of new buildings — developers are not provided building reservoirs. Thus drainage in certain neighborhoods physically can not take a lot of water, "- explained Mayor Sergei Nadal.

Regional Emergency Management also warned about the rise of the water level in the Dniester region in Zaleschikskom nearly 1.5 meters due to heavy prolonged rains.

Municipality has urged residents to limit the stay on the street. Drivers are asked to be careful and cautious on the road.

As previously reported DELFI, in Cherkassy after long rains started a real flood. Morning of 29 June the streets turned into huge puddles and streams, the depth of which reaches the meter. Flood waters have stopped traffic. Was also flooded the local health center.

Source: DELFI.UA


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