In the Amur region growing record seismic activity

Everytime increasing seismic activity record in the Amur region.

All new cracks in the ceiling village school staff MOE record almost every day. The consequences of earthquakes, which in Ust-Nyukzha have become accustomed. Tremors in the 1-2 points occur regularly. But lately, the magnitude is increasing. Seismologists record five on the Richter scale. Suffer the most school — the only high-rise building in the district.

Children in Ust-Nyukzha decided to release for spring break two days earlier. In the village are hoping that in the near future tremors stop. But while every morning locals tell each other how to survive the night: someone sat dressed in the house, and some warmed by the fires in the yard.

"First, a strong buzz, and then push the push lasted for several minutes. Went home shaking, my house picture fell off the wall. Stove cracked," — says Lyudmila Grave, a resident of Ust-Nyukzha.

Tremors in the last few weeks, not only recorded in the Ust-Nyukzha, but also in the villages Yuktali, Olyokma, Dyugabul. However, serious damage is nowhere. Even in Tynda, where in contrast to villages have multistory buildings.

Strong earthquake recorded this year, not only in the north-west of the Amur region, but also in the northern provinces of China. So, in January 11 Udalyanchi five point scale were felt tremors. China scholars have started seriously analyzing the seismic environment of the planet and come to conclusions — gradually excitement crust shifted from the south to the north.

Amur scientists agree with their Chinese counterparts. They also believe that the seismic activity in the Far East increased over recent years. The reason several factors.

"To say that this is a response to Japan's very difficult. Since the structure of the Amur region united in its territory almost all structures, both reaching the Pacific Ocean, and on the part of the Baikal-Rihtovoy zone. Affect global causes, and there are several . Someone said that this solar activity, one that the tidal nature of the moon. I think it all together ", — says Mikhail Serov, researcher of the Institute of Geology and Nature Management, Far Eastern Branch of RAS.

Such a series of earthquakes already happened — in 1986, in the Amur region and the northern provinces of China. Then the tremors continued for several weeks, and there were all without serious consequences. Seismologists believe that this time will be the same scenario, and once again say — Far East area of high seismic risk and requires careful study.


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