In the Atlantic, Tropical detected zombie storm

New Atlantic Storm Chris, found in the north of the ocean in the evening on June 19, behaves like a zombie. As they say forecasters, he is alive, but those should not be, because it was formed in that part of the world where tropical storm systems is not, in principle, due to the low temperature of the water a little more than +20 ° C).
The ideal temperature for the emergence of the sea storm is +26 ° C and above. The only way they are feeding in the form of moisture and increase the power, because the main objective of tropical systems and hurricanes in the nature of the redistribution of heat.

Seems strange, and the fact that Chris does not have a well-organized structure, which have a perfect storm, if you look at them from the satellite. All other features of the system with a name of a tropical storm. This is a wind speed of 85 km / h with gusts up to 150 km / h
It is expected that Chris will continue to move from the place of origin (38,1 ° N, 51,3 ° W) to the east at a speed of 35.2 km / h Populated areas of land in the way they meet a storm, and thus risk of showers and floods there. By the end of the third week of the Atlantic storm Chris dissolved in the atmosphere, becoming posttsiklon.


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