In the Belgorod region lightning killed 32 cows


29.07.11.-July 28 at about 15:00 during a thunderstorm lightning struck the tree under which sheltered from the rain 32 young cows of "BelAgroInvest-Service." Discharge sold on animals, and all of them died on the spot.

On this day in summer pastures near the village of charming Prokhorovka area were about two hundred heifers aged from 6 to 12 months.

Since the beginning of thunderstorms, some of them hidden from the rain under a tree. After some time, a lightning bolt struck right at the tree under which there were 32 heifers. Animals were killed at once.

As reported IA "Bel.Ru" in "BelAgroInvest-service" over the death of 32 heifers organization will incur a loss of more than three million rubles. Now dead cows are slaughtered shop enterprise where addressed the issue of whether it is possible to let the meat for processing.

Source: IA "Bel.Ru"

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