In the Canary Islands in the heat of people dying

During a camping trip on the island of Gran Canaria killed two UK residents. The cause of death was the unbearable heat, provoked heat stroke and heart attack in an elderly tourists, make trips around Presa del Salto del Piero, Mogan area. The second man, an Irishman, who was killed near the Barranco de Azuahe the north. It is reported that from extreme heat six more people to complain of feeling unwell and problems with health.

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According to meteorologists, the temperature in the Canary Islands stood at +37 … +40 ° C, although the norm for this time of year is +20 … +25 ° C. Heat wave came to the islands from the African continent. A hot wind from the south of Morocco and Western Sahara forced Canaries become an island of boiling air. Projected to remain abnormally hot weather on the islands for a few days, so the island Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Tenerife was officially declared "orange" code of danger.


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