In the district of the Perm region Nytva cattle dies

Loss of livestock.  Photo: topnews.ruAccording to the press service of the GPI for the Perm region in the period from 30 September to 10 October, a check in respect of the content farm livestock (cattle) Ltd. "Dawn."

The basis of the audit was the complaint GUVK "Nytvensky station for animal disease control." The facts stated in the complaint, were confirmed. On the dairy farm in the village of Rosselkhoznadzor specialists Remove the Perm region revealed a number of serious violations of veterinary legislation.

In particular, the area economy is not fenced, dezbarer missing, roads are in poor condition. In addition, there is no sanitary inspection room, disinfection mats at the entrance in the house. Half of backyard corral for horses flooded with water. The sanitary condition of livestock buildings is poor. In the lobbies and passages standing water. Gidrosmyva system in one of the buildings in operation.

It should be noted that at the time of writing animal feeders were empty. Supply of food there: available only a few rolls of straw and hay. Other food and mineral-vitamin feed not. Fatness of animals below average, dull coat, hair ruffled, sometimes wiped out, the calves are underdeveloped and stunted.

According to reports in August in the economy fell 6 goals in September — 8, from the beginning of the year — 49 goals. September 29 did not return from the pasture one cow, September 30 and October 2 at the backyard area fell two chicks over the age of 1 year. According to head of the department of veterinary supervision EA Ziksa, one of the main causes of death of animals — exhaustion.

Recycling organic waste on the farm is not carried out properly: dead animals are in one of vygulnyh yards. In addition, their autopsy was conducted. Manual management of communication with regional experts Rosselkhoznadzor refused participation in environmental enforcement actions ignored.

Now, for violations of the law "On Veterinary", "Sanitary-veterinary rules for the dairy farms of collective farms, state farms and farms" and "animal health rules for collecting, recycling and destruction of biological waste" Rosselkhoznadzor for the Perm region taking steps to attracting Company "Dawn" to administrative responsibility. The case file ready to send to the prosecutor.

Author: Natalia Gorbunova

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