In the Donbas mass killing bees


Photo: Pavel Kolesnikov.

6.07.11.Pchelovody Donbass count their losses: In Lugansk region lost more than 70% of bee colonies, and in Donetsk — 30%.
The reason for the bee genocide genetically modified crops and chemical processing fields during flowering.

— The existing law on beekeeping date from him any good, — said Anatoly Topa, Chairman of Donetsk Regional Beekeepers Association. — We can not come to AgroFarm and say, what do you do, processing chemistry in this period is prohibited! Beekeeping is almost not supported by the state, although it is a very big mistake.

There is only one way to protect bees from extinction — the beekeepers can contract with AgroFarm for pollination, but the initiative it always comes from the farmers. Beekeepers can not dictate terms, and often do not agree on a disadvantageous contract. In this case, neighboring Russia for pollinating pay more and often order bees from Ukraine.

Despite the threat hanging over the bees, beekeepers say that in the Donetsk region the situation is better than acceptable in Luhansk. Donbass bees often bring nectar from wild plants, not getting on the field with genetically modified canola, corn and sunflower. However, the overall ecological background of poor, which can not affect the bees — sensitive insects carry heavy environmental pollution.


Source: KP.UA

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