In the gathering ice wine earthquake or global warming?

The earthquake in New Zealand, with the epicenter at 10 kilometers from the city of Christchurch, destroying many landmarks, buildings, bridges and roads. Part of Christchurch flooded. People died. In addition, the New Zealand earthquake has led to the collapse of the country's biggest glacier Tasman (Tasman Glacier) length of 27 kilometers, is located in the National Park of Mount Cook (Mount Cook). Broke off a piece of ice over 30 million tons and a length of 1.2 km, which hit the lake is under the glacier. At the height of this gigantic piece of reaching 300 meters and 75 meters in width, in the collapse of blocks of ice formed on the lake Tasman destructive waves up to 3.5 meters. Now the lake you can watch several icebergs, one of which is the length of 250 meters. Tasmanian glacier is located near the west coast of the South Island, about 200 kilometers from the city of Christchurch. Collapse occurred on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the earthquake destroyed the center of Christchurch. According to experts, such a gathering is often accompanied by the formation of ice floods. No injuries as a result of the vanishing Tasman Glacier is not reported. Tourists are recommended to refrain from traveling to the area. Managing the tourist base National Park Mount Cook Denis Kallesen said that recently were heavy rains, which in itself increased the likelihood of collapse. "We felt the tremors, which lasted about a minute, and then all was quiet, but then started to shake," — said the manager AFP news agency. "A minute later our staff heard five kilometers away sound like the weapons fire, and in the next couple of minutes it was clear" — says Kallesen, adding that in no doubt that the collapse triggered tremors. Meanwhile, the Department of the Environment said that the glacier, in any case had to split. Despite the impressive size detached floating ice that has occurred can not be called unique. On the Tasman Glacier has been two collapse on the scale exceed the latter. Scientists explain the reduction of the area of the glacier warming


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