In the Gomel region because of the heat killed fish


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18.07.11.Rechitsky executive committee meeting on July 18 allowed the tenants of fishing ponds to fish from fry and resettle them in their lands. This measure is intended to stop the involuntary loss of fish.

Villagers Island Rechitsa district on July 17 reported in the MOE of the death of fish in the local reclamation channel. The information was passed to the inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection. Experts have found that the problem is relevant to other regions of Gomel region.

Late on July 17 for the survey area to the village chief went Island Rechytsa rayinspektsii Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Gennady Kalinowski. He told BelaPAN that fish die due to weather. "First, experienced heavy rains and then set the heat. This led to the rotting seaweed. The process of decay of the water takes a lot of oxygen, and the fish was not enough, so they die. A similar situation exists in practically all regions of Gomel region, particularly on the river Braginka and other small rivers Bragin, "- said the head of inspection.

According to him, the problem is usually solved by liming of water, but in this case, this measure is not acceptable. Therefore proposed to relocate tenants fry in their land.
Alain Germanovich

Source: LiveGomel

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