In the Irkutsk region fuel truck collided with a train


Fuel truck collided with a train on January 13, carrying coal in the Irkutsk region. According to MOE, three people were killed.

The accident happened at 04.10 MSK in the railway owned coal mine. The site is not part of the Trans-Siberian Railway. "Received message from the dispatcher about the collision of the unregulated railway crossing shunting trains from bottom with five wagons with coal and fuel truck MAZ carrying diesel fuel (belongs to" Sibservis ").

Composition followed from loading in extraction bottom station Algatuy Tulun area ", — stated in the MOE, which leads RIA" Novosti ". Leakage of diesel fuel from the tank did not happen. According to preliminary data, injuring two people. "The work of coal mine accident has not affected. Railway line is not damaged. No threat of life, "- said MOE. In place of working the traffic police, emergency and investigation group.


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